When the TouchRemote PC Software is started it automatically minimises to the notification area of the Windows taskbar (usually on the bottom right of the desktop).

Notification area icon
Notification area icon connected
Notification area icon functions
Double click Opens PC Software
Right click Opens menu

Minimising the window always brings it back to the notification area.

Main Window

On the left the menu tiles are shown. A click on each tile leads you to the corresponding feature.


The Adapters page shows detailed information about the Bluetooth and network adapters installed on the PC. If you want to set up a connection on the app manually you'll find all required information there.


Opens the Settings page. More information below.


Opens this manual in the default browser.


Opens the Upgrade page that allows you to enter your licence key or to purchase one (only shown in Demo).


Opens the Help & Feedback section of this website in the default browser.


Shows information about the PC Software like the installed version etc.

Staus Area

On the right the status area is shown.

Connection Status

Shows the current connection status as well as any connection related issues.

PC Name

Shows the name of the PC as specified by Windows. It is similar to the name of the PC shown in the app.

Status area
Network Port

Sets the port on which the PC Software is waiting for a connection. If you change the default value (8888) you must add the port to IP or hostname in the connection settings of the app (e.g.


Enter an arbitrary password for access to the PC via TouchRemote. It must be entered into the connection settings in the TouchRemote App later to allow authentication to the PC Software. The password is case sensitive and it must have at least 6 characters. (If you do not enter a password, unsecured connections are possible with the scan feature of the app)

Mouse Acceleration

Sets acceleration of mouse pointer when controlled via TouchRemote. This setting is independent of system's mouse acceleration.


You can disable Bluetooth if you do not need it. In this case TouchRemote will not force your PC to be visible to other devices via Bluetooth.


Disable this option to turn off TouchRemote's baloon messages on the notification area of the Windows taskbar.

Receive Beta Updates

Enable this option if you want to get notifications about Beta updates. Note that while Beta versions have the newest features included they are test versions and may yet have bugs. If enabled you should enable Beta updates in TouchRemote App as well (Android: Install TouchRemote BETA).

Path to VLC Player

Set the file system path to VLC Media Player executable (vlc.exe) here if you installed it manually. Path is determined automatically if VLC Media Player was installed with an installer.