Version 1.7.19   PC Software 2016-09-28
New PC Software is freeware
Version 1.7.17   PC Software 2016-03-31
Maintenance update
Version 1.7.16   PC Software 2015-10-01
Maintenance update
Version 1.7.15   PC Software 2015-06-15
Maintenance update
Version 1.7.14   PC Software 2015-03-31
Fixed Issues with Spotify
Fixed Applications not recognised when minimised to notification area
Version 1.7.13   PC Software 2015-03-16
Fixed "Version expired" issue
Version 1.7.12   2014-12-09
Fixed Issue with Spotify
Version 1.7.11   2014-11-07
Improved Default Shutdown for Fast Boot (Windows 8)
Improved Light theme
Version 1.7.10   PC Software 2014-10-18
Fixed Compatibility issue with Java 8
Version 1.7.9   PC Software 2014-10-13
Fixed "Expired" issue
Version 1.7.8   PC Software 2014-07-10
Fixed Minor issues
Version 1.7.8   App 2014-05-24
Improved Keep desktop image zoom level and quality
Version 1.7.7   2014-04-07
New Zoom for Desktop and Applications (via pinch gesture on mouse pad, triggers CTRL + mouse wheel)
Improved Support of PC Software for high DPI settings
Version 1.7.6   App 2014-03-08
Fixed Bluetooth connection could not be established
Version 1.7.5   App 2014-03-07
New Timer for PC shutdown
New Bluetooth support on BlackBerry 10.2.1
Improved Separated System and Desktop controls
Fixed Minor bugs
Version 1.7.5   PC Software 2014-02-19
Improved Less CPU utilisation in standby
Improved Preparations for future features
Fixed VLC media player not detected in some cases
Version 1.7.4   2014-01-11
New PC Software needs Java 7 now
New PC Software in Italian, Polish and Russian
Improved Updated UI elements (App)
Improved Add/remove files/directories to VLC media player playlist
Improved Toggle repeat and shuffle for VLC media player
Fixed Compatibility with VLC media player 2.1.0
Fixed File details dialog (App) could not be closed
Fixed Click on tiles (PC Software) not registered when mouse was moved
Fixed Minor bugs
Version 1.7.1   PC Software 2013-08-30
Fixed Spotify status not shown if title contained non-ASCII characters
Version 1.7.0   2013-08-27
New Support for Spotify
New PC Software in German
Improved PC Software Updates always automatic
Improved Option to keep connection when in background (Android & BlackBerry 10)
Improved Option to use Bluetooth address to connect (instead of Bluetooth ID)
Improved Better network scan results on BlackBerry OS
Fixed Crashes reported via Google Play
Fixed Scan sometimes not possible when other scan has been canceled before
Fixed Wrong position of mouse actions if Windows set to high DPI
Version 1.6.49   App 2013-07-04
Improved Positioning of menu and back button now consistent with system defaults
Improved Menu size and positioning
Improved Performance when scrolling help dialog
Improved Compatibility with Nokia Asha platform
Improved App icon matching different Nokia platforms
Improved Minor tweaks
Fixed Disable swipe gesture not active on restart
Fixed Desktop image was sometimes received though not displayed
Fixed Android system keyboard in landscape showed input field
Fixed Minor bugs
Version 1.6.49   PC Software 2013-06-12
Fixed Not all installed applications shown under certain circumstances
Version 1.6.48   PC Software 2013-06-11
Fixed Incompatibility with VLC Player 2.0.7
Version 1.6.47   2013-06-09
New Option to use default Android keyboard to enter text on the PC
Improved Option to disable swipe gestures on mouse and desktop panels
Improved Positioning of buttons on main screen
Improved Option to manually check for PC Software updates
Improved Light Theme brightened
Improved Better partitioning of settings
Improved Message when App & PC Software version are incompatible
Fixed PowerPoint still shown as installed after uninstalling
Fixed File system navigation on drive where TouchRemote is installed did not work correctly
Fixed Wrong icons shown for file links
Fixed Buttons in message dialogs sometimes not displayed correctly
Fixed Minor bugs
Version 1.6.45   2013-05-30
Fixed Start button for Media Center did not work
Fixed Minor bugs
Version 1.6.44   App 2013-05-30
New Light UI theme for App
Fixed Bluetooth issues on some devices running Andriod 2.x
Version 1.6.43   PC Software 2013-05-22
Improved Upgrade to Full Version from networks with restricted Internet access
Improved Consistent UI for all PC Software components
Fixed Minor bugs
Version 1.6.42   PC Software 2013-05-20
Improved Activation from networks with restricted Internet access now possible
Fixed Connection issues on activation
Version 1.6.39   Android App 2013-05-08
Fixed Crash on Android 2.1
Version 1.6.38   2013-05-07
New Updated app UI with Themes (Dark & Black)
Improved Keep-Screen-On and brightness control on BlackBerry OS
Fixed Wi-Fi & scan issues on BlackBerry OS
Fixed Screen woken up when app closed
Version 1.6.34   App 2013-04-11
Improved Full compatibility with BlackBerry Q10
Fixed Wrong indenting of text on buttons
Fixed Error in update enquiry
Version 1.6.33   App 2013-04-06
New Use Android system keyboard to enter text on PC
Improved Option to hide buttons in desktop view
Improved Utilisation of hardware buttons for 'Menu' and 'Back' on BlackBerry OS
Fixed Minor bugs
Version 1.6.31   App 2013-03-24
New Ukrainian keyboard
Fixed Minor Bug
Version 1.6.29   2013-03-14
Improved Application controls now always show last used panel
Fixed Running status of some applications not shown correctly under certain circumstances
Fixed Minor bug
Version 1.6.28   Android App 2013-03-02
Fixed Startup crash on Android 2.x
Version 1.6.27   2013-03-01
New Restart PC
New Polish and Ukrainian for app
Improved Single tap to open files or choose track from playlist
Improved App fits all displays now
Improved Desktop image performance on Android and BB10
Improved Performance when switching orientation
Fixed Graphical issues when displaying scrolled content
Fixed PC-side connection issues
Fixed Some buttons could be triggered by flicking
Fixed Many minor bugs
Version 1.6.22   App 2013-02-17
Improved Easier Media Center navigation with Pad
Fixed Screen brightness issue on Android
Fixed Minor bug
Version 1.6.20   2013-02-15
New App in Finnish and Hungarian
Improved New Info section in App
Improved Font sizes on large displays
Improved Update messages on BlackBerry 10
Improved Internal changes for better management of different platforms
Fixed Bluetooth removed for BlackBerry 10 (not supported by BB10 yet)
Fixed Minor bugs