You need to install the TouchRemote App on your mobile device and the TouchRemote PC Software on the computer you want to control.

PC Software

After downloading from Download open the installation file and follow the instructions.

On first start you are prompted to enter the licence key you received with the purchase confirmation E-mail. Alternatively you can choose 'Start Demo'.


Nokia devices: Search for TouchRemote on Nokia Store.

Other Java devices: Open this website on your mobile device and download from Download. If installation is not initiated automatically you have to open the downloaded file in a file browser on your device.

If you want to install from your PC (e.g. with a software shipped with your device) download the zip-file from Download. Make sure to install the jad-file or have it at least present aside the jar-file while installing.


Search for TouchRemote on Google Play.

Connection Setup
PC Software

Make sure the PC Software is running on the computer you want to control.


From Menu (Non-Android: Button bottom left) go to Settings.

For connection via WLAN

Press 'Scan Local Network'. When your PC is found a corresponding message appears. Press 'Save'.

For connection via Bluetooth

Press 'Scan Bluetooth'. When your PC is found a corresponding message appears. Press 'Save'.

For connection via Internet

Connections via Internet must be configured manually. Further information under Connection

Press the Back button (Non-Android: Button bottom right). The connection will now be established.

Connection Settings
App Operation
Menu Bar

Menu Bar

The Menu Bar is shown on non-Android devices only. On Android use the Menu and Back buttons instead.

The Menu Bar is located on the bottom of the screen and has the following buttons:

Menu Opens the menu for the currently shown panel
Toggle Toggles between the last two controls (e.g. Winamp ↔ System)
Back - From a control: Leads back to the Main Screen
- From Main Screen: Leave TouchRemote (pause and set to background)
Basic Principles

After the app has been loaded the Main Screen is shown. When connected for each controllable application a button is show. Tab on a button to start the corresponding application and opens its control screen. A control screen has multiple panels that you can switch easily by a swipe gesture (left/right).

Each panel has a help page with more information about its particular features (Menu → Help).

Main Screen